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Whistleblowing Channel We do the right thing

To Chemyunion, reputation and credibility are the most important attributes for its image

Chemyunion foster transparent relationships with high ethics standards. We value safety in our interactions and processes, respecting all those who are part of our business.

Aligned with global concepts of best business practices, Chemyunion has chosen WhistleB, a world-renowned compliance service company, to safely and anonymously execute your Whistleblowing Channel.

This tool is expected to reduce risks in professional interactions and relationships, ensuring the reliability of our work to our stakeholders.

When should one use the Whistleblowing Channel?

The Whistleblowing Channel should be used whenever a concern needs to be reported about a conduct deviation.

Therefore, our Whistleblowing Channel provides you with the opportunity to anonymously report any suspected case of moral harassment, sexual harassment, corruption or any other situation that violates Chemyunion values and policies.

Click here to download the Code of Conduct

Click here to download the Whitleblowing Guidelines