We Won “Best Scientific Poster” at the NYSCC Acne Care Symposium

During the renowned NYSCC Acne Care Symposium, held on June 14th at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (USA), Chemyunion’s team of experts received outstanding recognition. They were given the honor of receiving "Best Scientific Poster," highlighting Miracne, an extremely effective solution in the treatment of acne.


The poster entitled “Assessing the Efficacy of New Multifunctional Ingredients for Helping Topical Acne Treatment” highlighted our expertise in research and innovation. Miracne, developed by Chemyunion has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces acne lesions, redness, controls sebum production, and promotes bacterial balance. Miracne prevents the growth of acne-causing bacteria (C. acnes), which ensures remarkable results within a few days.


The poster was evaluated by a group of internationally recognized specialists in the treatment of acne, which reiterates the technical quality and effectiveness of the content.


Acne remains one of the main concerns in the world of beauty. This brings a constant challenge to the cosmetic industry: to create solutions that provide quick results in controlling acne.


We are extremely proud of this achievement and even more excited to continue on the path of innovation with our game-changing creations.


Meet Miracne® which is ideal addition for your acne-fighting products.

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