The basics for a natural makeup look

Minimalist and functional makeup is in the spotlight of beauty products manufacturers

Makeup has never had so much importance in society as it does these days. It has changed so much throughout the decades in terms of colors, styles and use, that people still debate if makeup, whether natural or artistic, has any influence on behavior and well-being. 

In the 1930’s, the cosmetic industry developed powdered products, such as facial compact powders and blushes, and eyeshadows. The landmark of the time was to shape the face, making it well defined. In the 60’s, makeup was more liberal – the eyes were much more contoured. Red lipsticks were replaced by light or white lipsticks: they were women’s favorites. Bronzers appeared to enhance face contours adding a pearly glow. 

In the 80’s, colors enhanced eyes, eyebrows, skin, cheeks, lips and nails. Everything was extremely exaggerated. In the 90’s, colors were more toned down, and makeup became lighter; foundations, used for preparing the skin, were more intense, with orange and warm tones. 

Today, women prefer the natural highlighted look: perfect and smooth skin, with light and functional makeup (which can be applied everywhere, whenever they want). These aspects reflect the main trends of makeup today: more natural and light, with products that are easy to use, and ingredients that treats the skin.

Why is makeup so important?

Studies show that using makeup boosts confidence and sociability. Another point is that makeup makes people feel more capable, even when they do not believe in themselves. Psychological studies analyzed people who applied makeup daily and people who did not. The former people were assessed as more capable, successful and confident compared to those who did not use makeup every day.

Although women are really busy these days, the moment spared to apply their makeup is when they “love themselves”, as if it was their “Me time”.

Recent studies also say that women who use makeup every day sleep better when compared to those who don’t. It is possible that this phenomenon occurs due to chemical, mechanical and/or psychological stimuli, such as Zeitgebers (scientific term given to key environmental elements that regulate the cycle of the biological clock, potentiate treatments and improve productivity).

On-the-go Concept

Women look for products that simplify their daily routines, save time, space and are easy to use. The market has responded to such demands with solutions that provide agility, ease of use and application and products that can be used at any time and place. On-the-go products have also influenced packaging, so women have less items in their purse.

Functional Makeup is the new Chemyunion campaign, bringing solutions for makeup daily routines, aligned with main trends of the market: 

•  Detox Cleansing Wipes: recommended for face and eyes 
•  Second Skin: anti-aging foundation, with FPS 15 
•  Anti-aging Multi-stick: works as lipstick, eyeshadow and blush at the same time 

Detox Cleansing Wipes

Anti-aging Multi-stick

Second Skin – Functional Foundation SPF 15

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