Taking styling to a new level: a new alternative that protects the hair against heat damage while styling it

Heat styling is quite a common practice at home and in hair salons. However, frequent heat treatments have become a concern, as curling irons and hair straighteners can easily reach 200-232ºC, causing serious hair damages, such as cuticle structure, decomposing keratin, water loss and changing hair mechanical properties. 

To follow the pace of styling practices, the cosmetic industry started to use silicones for hair protection against heat, as they coat and create a barrier besides being stable, low heat conductivity and high specific heat. 

 Nevertheless, some silicones might build up, leaving hair weighed down, difficult to style and lifeless, as they can attract dirt. 

 Overcoming high-performance challenges in hair styling, Chemyunion introduces a new version of its heat protection active ThermoShield, now compliant to vegan claims. 

ThermoShield Premium is based on the same innovative mechanism of action able to keep hair temperature lower, preventing overheating and retaining water inside the hair fibers leading to hair styling while achieving protection against heat damages. 


  • Preserves cuticle integrity, promoting luster, combability, softness, anti-frizz effect 
  • Maintains straight effect after 24h 
  • Alternative to silicone heat protectants, with no build up effect 

 Efficacy Tests: 

 1. Water content  

Hair tresses were flat ironed 10 times at 232°C. The process was repeated 3 times 
*Significant difference from control and placebo (P<0.05)Benchmark 

2. Hair surface (AFM images) 

3. Hair temperature 

Thermal image obtained from tresses after exposure to thermal stress – Infrared camera model FLIR T4XX - SeriesThermoShield Premium maintains hair temperature 25ºC lower compared to Placebo