Sustainability Report: 2nd Edition available now

We are sharing with you Chemyunion’s 2021 Sustainability Report, which shows the progress of our environmental preservation efforts for a sustainable, and promising future for society.

This report identifies our most recent results for the purposes of identifying and analyzing potential improvements while inspiring other companies, that could be impacted, to help find additional conscious, inclusive solutions. 

Chemyunion believes that protecting the environment remains extremely relevant and will always be part of its values. “We believe it is our duty, through individual opportunities, to raise awareness, encourage sustainable business initiatives, improve quality of life, and preserve the environment with social and environmental efforts that drive value.” says Chemyunion’s CEO Marcelo Golino. 

Our company believes in innovative actions and solutions that promote a sustainable, environmentally aware world through health, beauty, and well-being. We encourage you to read this report to learn more. 

Do your part to raise awareness.