Stronger hair everyday with Fibroforce

Fibroforce was developed to strengthen hair strands that need special care.

Every day, our hair is exposed to a number of damaging factors, starting with frequent washing and brushing. Constant drying, dying, bleaching, straightening, and use of relaxers and other chemical treatments further deepen the damage, causing severe harm to the hair fibers. Many products promise to strengthen the hair, but the challenge is finding solutions proven to be effective and safe.

Fibroforce is an active ingredient developed specifically to strengthen chemically treated hair or naturally brittle hair that require special treatment. Fibroforce’s fibroin-based protein structure adheres to the hair fibers, fortifying and immediately improving their mechanical properties.

Tests have shown its efficacy starting from the first use, increasing elasticity by up to 17% and leaving the hair up to 25% stronger.

After applying Fibroforce, it is also possible to see an improvement in hair fiber texture, thanks to the closing and smoothing of the cuticles:


Restoration of the hair fiber;

• Immediate improvement of mechanical properties (resistance against hair fiber rupture, elasticity);

• Increased strength in different types of hair.

Chemyunion’s Fibroforce is the perfect active ingredient for the formulation of conditioners, finishers, creams and products aimed at fortifying the fiber and improving hair texture.

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