Revinage®: a better phyto-retinol option than Bakuchiol!

Retinoids have already carved out a place in the minds of customers worldwide, due to their powerful delivery of noticeable results in the fight against the look of aging skin. However, retinol has well-known side effects such as irritability and redness – limiting its benefits for skincare.

Several alternatives to retinols have been developed that claim to be “natural,” and promise the same results as retinoids without the side effects. With the goal of continuously offering quality and high-performance products, we can demonstrate, in the ex vivo test (skin fragments) below, the performance of Revinage® ingredients compared to Bakuchiol. 

Both Revinage® and Bakuchiol, at their indicated use concentrations, significantly increase the production of type-I collagen (ANOVA Tukey-Kramer** p<0.05 compared to control and p<0.01 compared to high-performance placebo). Despite having similar efficacy, it is important to consider another extremely relevant factor: the average cost in using these ingredients. When comparing both, we found that the cost of using Bakuchiol averages 5 to 6 times greater than Revinage® – directly impacting the formulation cost even at the lowest effective concentration.   

Have you heard about Revinage®? It is a high-performance, safe, and 100% plant-based phyto-retinol. Ask for a sample and run your tests.