Retinol-like: safe skin aging

Retinoids are substances derived from vitamin A and are known for their powerful results in skin rejuvenation. It is also prescribed for treating some dermatological diseases such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and ichthyosis.

It is common to find retinol-based dermocosmetics on the market; however, its positive results are accompanied by some side effects, causing dermatitis in at least 90% of patients. Irritation can cause flaking, burning and itching, and for more sensitive skin the product is not recommended. In addition, users of synthetic retinoids are instructed to avoid the sun – or to use more sunscreen – in order not to compromise the treatment.

Is it possible to use retinol without the side effects?

Yes! Known as retinol-like, inspired by natural cosmetics, this alternative has characteristics and performance similar to synthetic retinoids, but without their sensitizing effects such as irritation, keratitis and photosensitivity, thus providing much more safety to the consumer.

Since retinol-like molecules are stable, continuous use is allowed (day and night), which increases adherence to the treatment.

Watch out for pranks!

Although some products on the market claim to be retinol-like, few of them have been proven to bind nuclear receptors, known as RARs (Retinoic Acid Receptors) and RXRs (Retinoids X Receptors). Therefore, although they may have the same benefit of softening the signs of aging by stimulating some of the biological pathways, they cannot be scientifically called retinol-like.

What is the solution to rejuvenate the skin safely?

Always with the consumer’s welfare in mind, Chemyunion created Revinage®, the true retinol-like (plant-based, extracted from Bidens Pilosa), which binds to the RXR receptor, regulating cell proliferation and differentiation, thus ensuring greater skin firmness, stimulating collagen and treating wrinkles, using the same biological pathways as retinol.

Due to its high stability against oxidation and light, Revinage® is a safe alternative that can be used even during the day, without contraindication, in addition to presenting a soothing effect on the skin.

Boost your formulations with the benefits of scientifically proven claims. To learn more about  Revinage®, request information online.