ProShine: Intense Shine and Eco-Friendly Haircare

Shine is directly linked to the health and beauty of the hair. According to data from Mintel and IMARC Group, by 2023, products claiming to give shine will make up around 40% of the $100 billion USD global hair care market.

Shampoos and hair treatments from cleaqnliness to intensive care, make up 62% of all products launched for this purpose, reinforcing their relevance to the final consumer.

Oils, vegetable extracts and silicones top the list of ingredients used to promote immediate shine. But, they can cause unwanted short-term side effects – not just for hair, but the environment as well. Oils and vegetable extracts, despite being from renewable sources, interact weakly with the capillary fiber and are easily removed during washing and contribute to a heavy, oily feel. Silicones are not very biodegradable, since they come from chemical reactions involving chloride composites from petrochemicals (a non-renewable source). In addition, they have bioaccumulative properties.  

Friendly shine for both the hair and the environment? Yes! We can do it!

Efficiency and sustainability are the “key ingredients” for the majority of cosmetic developments. This fact is even more relevant in this progressively eco-friendly market. Fortunately, new ways of creating shine have been discovered and tested. These have focused on using innovative formulations that provide great results to the customer.

ProShine is Chemyunion’s new active ingredient, designed to follow the main principles of Green Chemistry, and to provide intense shine and color highlights to dyed, discolored, or natural hair. It’s 100% plant-based and biodegradable.

How does your hair shine?

Shine is perceived when an object reflects greater light at a particular angle than others. In these conditions, the contrast is visible, and the object is seen as shiny. For an impactful shine on hair, the surface has to be flat (undamaged). To create intense shine, we add a highly reflective active ingredient that coats and protects each strand.

Proshine interacts with the main keratin structures in the capillary fiber, forming a uniform molecular film with a high reflective index. These qualities are fundamental for getting an intense shine. The intermolecular interaction between the hydroxyl group of the esters that form ProShine’s molecules and the amino acids in the strands is proven using in silico modeling.

Proven Efficacy

•  127% greater shine on discolored hair, 42% greater on dyed hair, and 19% greater on natural hair. 
•  428% greater shine compared to placebo on discolored hair and 184% greater shine than the placebo for undyed hair. 
•  Highlights natural or dyed color.

Try ProShine and find out how this innovation can inspire your creations!