Polluout Protects Hair Against Damage caused by the Pollution

Stronger, shiny and remarkably healthy hair with immediate effect

Despite efforts to decrease emissions, global atmospheric pollution has grown by 8% in 2016, and today more than 80% of the world's population lives in urban areas with air pollution above the threshold recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Studies conducted by WHO have demonstrated that excessive and continuing exposure to the different types of pollutants adversely affects health, enhancing numerous pathologies. In hair, these impacts are more noticeable and immediate due to the deposition of a wide variety of pollutants, enhanced by the adherent action of hair products, leaving the hair opaque, dry, weakened and with low combability, affecting its aesthetics and mechanical properties.

The hair lacks self-protection systems or regenerative capacity, so is unprotected and vulnerable to external actions and the damage caused by the effects of pollution. As consumers are more concerned about the effects of pollution on the properties of their hair, anti-pollution products are gaining momentum in some regions of the world.

Hair can be protected by reducing the contact of polluting agents with the hair fibers, and from this understanding a proven effective solution reaches the market. Polluout, developed by Chemyunion, is a proprietary technology of natural composition, which reduces the deposition of polluting agents while providing immediate benefits to the hair.

Polluout is composed of a synergistic network of plant polysaccharides associated with green tea, panthenol and xylitol that form a flexible and protective film, with antioxidant action against the photodegradation of the hair fibers. Highly effective, Polluout reduces the deposition of pollutants by 17%, providing the following effects: 

·       62% increase in combability

·       43% increase in hair strength

·       Maintenance of brightness by 20% even after exposure to pollutants

Treatment with Polluout has shown positive results against exposure to cigarette smoke and UV radiation, assuring stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

Polluout may be used in formulations for shampoos, conditioners, treatment masks and finishers. Water-soluble. It should be incorporated at the end of the formulation at up to 40°C, pH: 4.50 - 6.50. Get to know other benefits of this active ingredient and request a sample!


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