Mouthwatering hair formulas

Food-based cosmetics trend remains on the spot

Food-based cosmetics are within to the wellness concept, where a conscious consumer emerges choosing for a healthier and natural style of life, including beauty methods. Once these consumers are convinced about the connection between good food and beauty, nowadays grocery stores are not just for deciding what’s for dinner - it’s a veritable beauty shop. Eggs, papaya, avocado, olive oil and other foods are now also for primping. The segment is coming ripe for food and cosmetic companies to join forces to create mouthwatering cosmetic lines and formulators are looking to the kitchen table for inspiration to meet consumers´ alternative demands.

Chemyunion has created a special menu to nourish your creations in hair care:

Curly hair conditioner 

Anti-pollution hair mask 

Repairing leave on 

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