MitoClean promotes antioxidant effect in formulas for the skin

The detox action of the coconut water, MitoClean promotes more health, vitality and nutrition for the skin.

The detoxification process is a cell function that constantly eliminates toxic substances resulting from food and metabolic waste and is fundamental for a balanced body and for maintaining health. It is not a coincidence that new detox products have been growing in the marketplace with the release of cosmetics, therapeutic and even food products that aim to aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

With aging, the metabolic efficiency naturally decreases, directly affecting the health as well as the skin, which has an import role in the detoxification process. This metabolic slowdown reduces the capabilities of the dermis – and the compromised collagen production may cause an older, fatigued look.

MitoClean: detox effect with the properties of the coconut water

Developed by Chemyunion, MitoClean stimulates cell vitality and strengthens the natural antioxidant system of the skin, stimulating mitochondrial detoxification in 66%.

In efficacy testing, MitoClean stimulated the cell detoxification process, giving 51% more energy for the skin cells and strengthening the natural antioxidant defense system in 25%. The active ingredient also showed a protection capability similar to that of Vitamin E, preserving DNA from fragmentation induced by daily exposure to toxic, metabolic and environmental substances.

MitoClean’s benefits and detox effect deriving from the coconut water, which is naturally rich in vitamins, micronutrients and minerals essential for the skin detoxification process, as well as catenin and zeatin, described as having antiaging and antithrombotic properties.

That is why Chemyunion MitoClean’s proven cell detoxification activity can be used to develop detox cosmetics, granting the skin more vitality and a healthier aspect.

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