Look for our Sustainability Seal!

To show our connection to the Environment and Society, we have launched our Sustainability Seal, which is designed to raise awareness among employees, customers, and business partners about the importance of committing to more conscious practices that generate positive impacts and are sustainable for the world. These actions permeate all areas of our company and are part of Chemyunion’s values of respecting and protecting the Environment.

We consider sustainability an ideal. We encourage innovation through initiatives aligned with sustainability that are targeted to protect resources and improve the quality of life for future generations – and on top of that, ensure respect for others and everyone around them.

We actively advocate this idea, and our preservation of over 42 thousand m² speaks for itself. This Legal Reserve has extensive vegetation coverage and serves as a shelter for native fauna and flora, reinforcing our commitment to the preservation of the ecosystem. In addition, we use green technology, from the harvest of raw material to the extraction process and its use, to produce our inputs, and feature a variety of plant-based, sustainably produced, products in our portfolio. 

To view all the good practices adopted by Chemyunion that are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals recommended by the United Nations (UN), take a look at our Sustainability Report by clicking here.