Interested in safe and effective facial filler formulas? Meet Cellfie

The process of ageing skin is multifaceted and causes both physiological and structural changes. One such change is the loss of fat, otherwise known as lipoatrophy, which primarily effects facial areas.

The reduction of fatty tissue, collagen and elastin along with a decline of cell regeneration causes the skin to show signs of ageing, such as looseness, wrinkles and expression lines. 

Promising market

According to a 2018 Euromonitor study, facial filler procedures are expanding on a global level, and are valued at US$3.6 billion (with an estimated annual growth of 8% by 2026) with 70% of the market dominated by hyaluronic acid injections.    

In spite of the popularity of hyaluronic acid injections, a recent change in consumer behavior has started opening doors to greener, safer, more efficient and non-invasive alternatives. 

This new trend towards healthier ageing highlights the importance of self-esteem and confidence as the starting point of natural beauty. 

Discover Cellfie  

Chemyunion created Cellfie as a response to the public’s search for alternatives to invasive ways of treating wrinkles and expression lines. This new ingredient substitutes traditional facial fillers, while delivering exceptional results from topical skin treatments.  

Cellfie is a precise and efficient delivery system created from thyme extracts. It works with adipocytes to stimulate adiponectin (the main biological marker responsible for adipogenesis regulation) 5x the standard and restores cellular memory for natural and noticeable skin rejuvenation.  

 Testing has proved the effectiveness of Cellfie’s ability to reduce deep wrinkles along with other benefits:

  • Improves wrinkles and facial contour, as a powerful alternative to invasive fillers.  
  • In vivo results have shown reduction on area, length and depth of perioral, periorbital wrinkles, smile and nasolabial lines. 
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