H-VIT PLUS: protecting and energizing action for men’s hair

One of the main differences in men’s physiology is the higher production of sebum onto the scalp. Therefore, specific formulations are needed to treat this condition. Trend analyses in the male grooming industry show that men are moving away from basic hygiene products to treatment products used on a daily basis. In this shift, behavior characteristics such as convenience, ease of use and simplicity, require cross-functional solutions with proven efficacy. 

With that in mind, Chemyunion has developed H-Vit, a cross-functional active ingredient that protects the integrity of the skin barrier and controls oily hair and scalp. Rich in vegetable extracts, the product acts on sebum regulation, reducing sebum production by nearly 60%. 

Learn more about H-vit Benefits: 

- Cross-functional active ingredient for special needs in hair care; 
- Potential capacity to protect skin barrier integrity, in addition to reducing the inflammatory response caused by environmental stimuli; - Helps control oiliness with a protecting and energizing action. 

H-VIT PLUS efficacy 

In clinical trials, the product was observed to significantly reduce oiliness, with lower Sebumeter index from -40% up to -60%, approximately, during the time period assessed.  

In the subjective assessment, 95% of the volunteers said they would buy a product offering the benefit of reduced scalp oiliness if it were for sale. 

H Vit Plus can be added to the formulation of male hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics and styling products, recommended to people with damaged and oily hair. Enjoy the advantages of 
cross-functional active ingredients in your formulations for special hair care lines! 

To learn more about the advantages and applications of H Vit Plus contact Chemyunion, a world-renowned company due to its technological expertise and market trends in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, conventional and functional excipients, and traditional and natural conservatives for health care and personal care, targeting consumers around the world through relevant global brands.