From Fluid To Butter

Powderfeel WR allows high efficiency in emulsion stabilization

Overcoming all the inherent instabilities of an emulsion is a complex task. The most common practice to solve this challenge is the use of high concentration of surfactants, high temperature and constant high shear. Producing fluid emulsions with high oil content is even more difficult. 

Existing technologies offer limited possibilities to solve this problem. There are few solutions in the market that are able to allow different sensory properties, cold processing, fluid emulsions and guarantee good stability. Combining all these requirements, Chemyunion has developed Powderfeel WR

This innovative ingredient has been created to facilitate the formulation of multiple textures from fluid to butter in a cold process. It is an O/W emulsifier which supports cold development with high stabilization efficiency, as well as reducing environmental impact and processing costs, enabling the development of minimalist formulas. Powderfeel WR’s lipid crystals are finely divided and interfacially adsorbed which allow the stabilization of high oil concentration and the reduction of skin irritation due to minimization of the surfactant content, offering the following benefits: 

• Multiple textures – from spray to butter; 
• Compatible with wide range of pH and concentration of ethanol; 
• High sensory performance compared to benchmark; 
• 18% increase in skin hydration; 
• 23% improvement in skin barrier; 
• Easy to manipulate; 
• Possibility to handle up to 40% oil phase.

Characterization of Emulsion with Powderfeel WR 
Polarized Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy 

Mechanical barrier formation protecting the emulsion against coalescence, as evidenced by scanning electron microscopy.

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