Dermatitis and skin sensitivity: How to treat it without side effects ?

The skin is the first line of body defense. In addition to offering a physical barrier, preventing the entrance of foreign substances, the skin also has a complex system of cells, proteins and other compounds and specific receptors that constitute the immune system. In contact with infectious agents, such as pathogenic bacteria and virus or, under stress conditions, such as increased exposure to UV radiation, air pollution and heat, the immune system responds to aggressions by triggering an inflammatory process which, in excess and when not controlled, damages relevant body structures, impacting its functionality and accelerating aging.

 According to the aging theory, micro skin inflammation is considered to be constant (sub chronic) and it can be exacerbated by psychological stress. Additionally, skin inflammation is associated with the onset and existence of a series of pathologies, including eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and rosacea. Therefore, regulating the inflammatory process is crucial to keep or restore skin homeostasis in dermatological treatments. 

In dermatology, corticosteroids are frequently used to control atopic and irritative dermatitis, to reduce skin sensitivity, to control allergies and related diseases, and more recently to control hyperpigmentation in association with alpha-hydroxyacids (AHA), hydroquinone and retinoid derivatives. This latter application has important benefits in terms of reducing melasmas and other pigmentary disorders, but with therapy frequency and prolonged duration, it accelerates the aging process. 

As an attempt to overcome the challenges of using corticosteroids with their adverse effects, Chemyunion has developed Physavie®, a safe and highly effective solution for sensitive and/or sensitized skin, that regulates important inflammatory mediators, ensuring a powerful soothing action that also contributes to control and to reduce early aging. Obtained from CO2 supercritical extraction, Physavie® is 100% biodegradable and presents soothing properties equivalent to hydrocortisone without the adverse effects. It has anti-pruritic and soothing properties, essential for sensitive and/or sensitized skin and regulates skin temperature and microcirculation, maintaining its baseline levels, even after external aggression.  

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