Cultures, trends and textures: a sensorial trip to five continents

We have been living in the era of digital sharing – in real time – between consumers ranging from the tradi-tional profile to the relentless seeker. Despite the divergent discourses on how they consume, one thing they have in common: a way to get things new and culturally diverse.

Amidst so many possibilities, how to differentiate in a world without borders and dichotomous? We understand that the answer may lie in anticipating trends with high potential to spark consumers' interest in experimenting and creating new habits.

From the connection between consumers, cultural shares blend with trends driving new products aligned with issues such as fair trade, sustainability, lifestyle focused on the use of smart technology, multi-sensations and interactive experiences. 

Backed by the concept of Cultures, Trends and Textures, Chemyunion innovates by presenting to the market a menu of bold and representative DNA formulas from five continents. 

Asia: due to the creation of highly-demanding societies and the constant search for high-performance, younger consumers willing to invest in their happiness want to have a positive and entertaining experience which can be shared. Rituals, small indulgences, and minimalist and “zero-concept” products encourage the pur-chase of cosmetics in this continent. Illuminating Stick Mask, Slime Shampoo and Oil Control Facial Slime (rinse-off) are some of our formulas inspired in this continent. 

Africa: culturally, African consumers prefer using cosmetic ingredients which can be found locally, as they believe in their traditional uses. For centuries, shea butter has been part of Africa’s history. In addition to its culinary uses, shea butter has cosmetic properties as a body moisturizer and hair product. Its therapeutic use also stands out in the treatment of muscular pain, rheumatism, sprains, twists, and burns, and is the main ingre-dient in body massages. Karité (shea) means “life” and is seen as sacred throughout the African continent. Here we highlight the development of a unique melting massage bar formula, with shea power and perfect spreada-bility, without the sticky appearance of oil, stains or dirt. We also present a hair mask of shea and crambe oil with avocado, which can be used as a pre-shampoo or as an intensive post-shampoo treatment. 

Europe: the Mediterranean diet is based on a set of traditions ruled by countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal and consists of the abundance of foods of vegetable origin and olive oils. In the Roman Baths, the olive oil integrated the rituals of health and beauty, being used in massages without rinsing, providing the sensation of a hydrated and healthy skin. Inspired by European cuisine, growing interest in beauty products with organic and vegetable ingredients also brings up the sustainability matter, creating a demand for concen-trated, non-rinse and waterless items. Inspired in this continent we present formulations based on the concept of mixology (body vinegar and hydrating body oil, which when mixed become a moisturizing body mist). Anoth-er highlight is a concentrated shampoo in chips shape and also in foam. 

Americas: in the modern world, we have several generations sharing the social space. Pressure on the environment and climate change are making consumers look for more natural cosmetics, and it is common to find the relationship between food and cosmetics. In the case of millennials’ mothers, the search for concentrat-ed products with expanded benefits: 5 in 1; 3 in 1 etc. is huge, after all the multifunctionality of natural ingredi-ents gives the feeling that cosmetic products should reflect the same properties when in their in natura state. What is good to eat is also good for the skin and hair. Gourmet Beauty and Multifunctionality formulas are Chemyunion´s proposal for this continent, such as the Macadamia Pasta Drain and the Detox Water Fruit. 

Australia: due to the heat in Australia and New Zealand, people usually dress with light and comforta-ble clothes. Surf is the symbol of this continent as it has many beautiful beaches and perfect waves for the prac-tice of the sport. Thus, Oceania is considered a surf paradise. Cosmetic products with sunscreen, with a light touch and of vegetable origin are perfect for these consumers. For this continent we developed a hair sun-screen and an SPF 30 with UV Balance (from compatible and non-controversial filters).