Chemyunion launches the 1st edition of its Sustainability Report

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we share with you the 2020 Chemyunion Sustainability Report. For us, it is a milestone to make clear our corporate purpose through initiatives, with an effective contribution to the Environment and Society.

This report makes us reflect on our environmental actions, and become transformative and protective agents of the ecosystem. “It is essential to act with more respect and love for Nature, the provider of all the resources we need. May this report contribute as much as possible to practices that are committed to respecting the environment, people and governance processes”, reports the CEO of the company, Marcelo Golino.

Protecting and taking care of the Environment is one of Chemyunion's values, so as to generate positive impacts on our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and nature, adding more and more sustainable values in all our operations.

We are a company connected to nature and science to promote health, beauty and well-being. Through innovation, we make use of Biotechnology, Plant Extractions by Supercritical CO2, syntheses that follow the precepts of green chemistry, among other technologies recognized globally by the principles of Sustainability. In our management strategy, we highlight the eco-efficiency, waste control and recycling programs. Do you want to know more about our actions?

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