Chemyunion enters into a technological cooperation agreement with Apoena Biotech, the biotechnology company in Brazil

Chemyunion has just entered into a technological cooperation agreement with Apoena Biotech, a manufacturer of biotechnological active ingredients. The agreement covers issues related to the Research and Development of ingredients from biotechnological origin. “Apoena Biotech presents itself globally as a specialist in biotechnological processes, from the creation to the development and manufacture of ingredients for personal care and cosmetics. This partnership with Chemyunion reinforces our commitment to bringing biotechnology to all companies in the sector, meaning a big step towards our growth and consolidation,” says Bruno Carillo, CEO of the company.

This agreement represents another step in Chemyunion’s strategy of expanding its range of technological solutions to Personal Care and increasing the offer of products from renewable sources and green processes (eco-friendly).

“This partnership supports our global strategy to strengthen our sustainable footprint, adding more and more value in our relationships with our Clients, employees, suppliers, and the world in which we operate. Apoena Biotech is highly qualified in the creation and development of biotech ingredients and this agreement will allow us to develop and evolve our portfolio of products that enhance our commitment to the environment, as well as bring a competitive advantage in the Market,” says Marcelo Golino, CEO of Chemyunion.

As the result of this agreement, Chemyunion will make available biotechnological active ingredients of remarkable effectiveness for the most diverse cosmetic applications. The availability of products to the market will grow steadily over the next few years and be followed by continuous investments in new development and innovation platforms.