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About the Company Mission, Vision and Values

Value is
our Mission


With our technological expertise and constant investment in innovation, we seek to provide our Customers in the personal care, health and home sectors with high performance ingredients globally, aligned to the market trends and adding perceived value to the finished product, generating well-being for the final consumer. 

The vision that
inspires us


To be recognized as an innovative high technology company that accepts challenges and acts on the solution of the Customers’ needs, seeking to be their first choice.

values are
shown through


  • To be enthusiastic about the Customer
  • To inspire innovation through everything we do
  • To be ethical and transparent in our relations
  • To respect and protect the environment
  • To be socially responsible
  • To seek continuous improvement for our operations, quality, and processes
  • To attract the best people and make them even better
  • To be committed to learning and solving issues
  • To share success