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Program Compliance

Chemyunion is proud to always do what is right and legal

Chemyunon is pleased to present our Compliance Program. We want to take this opportunity to inform you more about our practices and values.

Chemyunion strictly centers its business environment around correct and legal relationships. So, with such principles in mind, we want to share our standards of excellence through practices, methods and processes based on ethical commitments.

Compliance is a set of disciplines made to comply with legal and regulatory standards, policies and guidelines established for the business and for the company activities, as well as to avoid, detect and treat any deviations or nonconformities that may occur.

The adoption of Compliance practices has become an extremely important measure for companies to minimize legal risks and to ensure their businesses reputation, by demonstrating their commitment not only to law, but also to a responsible and transparent management, conducting their businesses with excellence and integrity.

The Compliance Program covers the compliance of employee behaviors with standards of conduct, but that is not all. It is also necessary to cover the behavior of all interested parties to protect the interests of customers, employees, suppliers, partners, public agencies and the society in general against possible fraudulent practices and misuse of information.

Chemyunion strives to maintain transparent relationships and a high ethical standard, in line with global business best practice concepts. Check the following link to know a little more about our Code of Conduct.

In order to strengthen our Compliance Program, we have created a Reporting Channel, conducted by the independent and internationally recognized compliance service company, WhistleB. Thus, the reporting of all suspect behaviors, whether they are moral, sexual, corruption or any other situation in disagreement with Chemyunion values and policies, may be done in an impartial, anonymous and secure way.

Additionally, we offer a Word from our CEO, in order to record our aim to always do the right thing.