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About the Company Who we are

Our capabilities provide maximum efficacy and safety in each ingredient, adding perceived value to our customers’ finished formulas, reaching consumers all over the world through pertinent brands. Discover how easy it is to innovate with Chemyunion. 

Chemyunion is a privately owned chemical company that manufactures cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, food supplements, veterinary inputs, as well as actives for hygiene and cleaning. 

Established in Brazil in 1992, Chemyunion currently exports to over 50 countries through affiliates in the United States, Colombia, Europe and Mexico and its network of distributors that is currently undergoing continued international expansion. 

Our Personal Care, Life Sciences and Homecare units operate on the open innovation model – combined with comprehensive knowledge of delivery systems, plant extraction, peptides and organic synthesis, in order to develop and manufacture innovative and sustainable products. We use natural raw materials and work closely with our clients to develop products that are recognized for their high-levels of performance and value, in addition to remaining current with the latest trends and demands in beauty, health, and wellbeing. 

To ensure our portfolio quickly and efficiently reaches prescribing professionals and compounding pharmacies, the Chemyunion corporate group created the i9 Magistral in 2016, as an important communication and lead generation channel for this industry segment. 

With the goal of promoting greater operational dynamics towards international deals, the group founded a new business in 2017 – CY Export – a commercial export company. 

In 2020 Boniteca was created, a new business from the group, that focused on providing services to support and advise clients in the development of products and brands, including matters of regulation, repertoire orientation, choosing fruitful partnerships, and sales team training among others. 

With various aspects of business and operations across the globe, the Chemyunion group remains focused on innovation and development within its operational sectors. 

Being your first choice is what inspires us. 

Get inspired by Chemyunion’s universe. 

Our Units


Chemyunion Ltda.
Avenida Independência, 1501 • Iporanga  

Sorocaba, São Paulo • Zip Code 18087-101

Phone: O: +55 15 2102 2000



Chemyunion Inc.

198 Rt. 9 North • Suite 104 • Manalapan   
New Jersey, USA  • Zipe Code: 07726

Phone: +1  732 529 0964    



Chemyunion Andina SAS
Calle 71 # 6-21 •  Oficina 701

Bogotá , Colombia • Zip Code: 110231

Phone: O: +57 1 743 0756



Chemyunion Mexico
Durango 263, P10     Roma Norte

Cuauhtemoc, Ciudad de Mexico • Zip Code: 06700 

Phone: +52 56 1988 8176